Hypocrisy on Parade

It seems a little bit more than coincidental that evidence of the DOJ and FBI covering up for crimes by the Clinton Family is surfacing at the same time George W. Bush and President Obama are simultaneously campaigning against President Trump. WASHINGTON – Damning new evidence appears to show that Hillary Clinton used her office […]

via “The Injustice League” – Clinton Crime Coverup By Same DOJ Now Investigating Trump… — The Last Refuge



Hey I word to all Liberals who are still whining about President Trump winning the election. GET OVER IT! Trump won fair and square according to the rules laid out in the Constitution. You know, the piece of paper you Liberals LOVE to hate?! He won because we were SICK of Obama and Clinton would have been more of Obama policies. Not to mention Clinton being over her head swimming with scandal.

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To Liberals and MSM

I am totally disgusted with the antic you are spitting out trying to make Texas Gov Abbott and President Trump look like they are uncaring when they are both doing all they can. It is you Liberals and the MSM who‘s spreading the lies and the hate. If you hate this country so badly then PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE the country! Go live elsewhere and leave the rest of us alone. We don’t need people that are like you are anyway! If you libs and MSM love socialism so much then move to the socialist country of your choice. May I suggest either Cuba or Venezuela? Ask people in those countries how well it’s worked for them! It’s NOT!